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Blake Ray Eley 

I work with different healing energies to help bring you what you need to move forwards. If you're unsure how I can help then we can chat to see what might best for you.

Each healing modality works in different ways on different energetic frequencies. Whether it's for a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problem, there's something that may be more suited for your needs.

Healing Sessions

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Pellowah means - 'a radical shift in consciousness'. It is a hands off modality that works by shifting old beliefs, breaking old patterns and allowing new pathways to build, allowing you to move forward in new ways you never thought possible.


Using Universal and Earth Energies, this form of energy healing creates change across the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

We allow the energy to go where it intuitively needs to go, creating lasting change where you need it most.


I work psychically to bring you the information you need to move forwards. I work with tarot cards where needed as a tool to help your story unfold.

Ultimately my aim is to help you move towards your Highest Self.
I excel in helping with Spiritual development and growth. But I can work with any topic to help bring you clarity and peace.

For all bookings head to my Etsy shop or contact me directly.

Youtube Channel

Free content includes:
Channeled sessions, Conscious conversations, meditations and more.

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