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Pellowah Healing

The word Pellowah means ‘Radical shift in consciousness’ and although it is an angelic word, the pellowah healing comes directly from Source. 


The radical shift in consciousness is exactly what it says.

It is essentially connecting you with your most inherent self, your Spirit, therefore any healing that takes place, normally comes from that reconnection with the loss of Spirit.


Pellowah changes you from the inside out, reconnecting new neural pathways, reconnecting DNA and working on any blockages in the meridian lines.

Pellowah is a system for channeling healing energy and expanding consciousness

Since it uses an extremely high vibrational energy frequency, it can often be effective even where other methods fail.



Session costs:

Pellowah Healing 1 to 1  £40
(1 hour approx.)

Pellowah Healing (Distance)  £40

(1 hour approx.)

To book a session click the button below.



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