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Spiritual Healing

This healing technique is a combination of different elements that have been channeled through Spirit. It is an intuitive technique that relies on the complete analysis of the clients energy field, working to analysis the physical blockage or resistance that the client maybe going through.


Once I have analysed the clients energy field I am then able to work with the beneficial energies to start to unwind and remove the negative energy, working in both an intuitive and analytical manner to find the best manner of dealing with the source and the manifest energy.


It is based in the Earth, by working directly with the Earth energy to dissipate and transmute the old energy.

The process focuses on connecting with my guides and beneficial energies to bring through a guided healing that works with Universal, Earth and Elemental energies. It's focus is to remove energy blockages within the physical body, but allowing the focus to work in a complete holistic sense, meaning that it dives right to the root of the problem which will often lie within the energy body in a myriad of forms.



Session costs:

Spiritual Healing 1 to 1  £35
(1 hour approx.)

At this time this healing cannot be sent distantly.

To book a session click the button below.



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