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Courses, Content & Resources

Soon to come on the horizon!

I am currently in the process of fine tuning FOUR different short courses.

  • Exploring Lifes BIG questions - insights, exploration and tools to help you delve into the beginning of your own journey. This will include information and insights from myself, aswell as a seperate channeled response to each of the questions. This includes an ebook to follow alongside.

  • How to connect with your Guides and other Consciousness - Exploring the techniques and information necessary for us to create and build a connection for advice, wisdom and growing on our journey.

  • How to Channel - exploring the topics, tools and techniques necessary for both Channeled writing and vocal Channeling, the ins and outs of Channeling.

  • The fundamentals of Spirituality - The biggest course I have made. This covers all aspects of spirituality and is there to provide you with the tools to create your own path. This is also made for those who want to explore in depth the metaphysical topics, to gain a greater understanding of all aspects of Spirit and the worlds we live in.

Keep your eyes peeled and follow my social media so you'll be the first to know when they come available.

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