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What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing works by applying a number of different techniques as well as using my intuition and tools to guide me.

I use a crystal pendulum to help seek out the Crystals that are calling for you at this time.

The crystals align with your chakra system to help create a balance within yourself.

Each different crystal can be used in a number of different situations for a variety of reasons. Each with a unique vibration and a wonderful amount of benefits.

Some crystals are good for balancing, others work on particular emotions or problems. Some crystals go a lot deeper into your psyche.

The Crystal healing is a minimum contact therapy, the only contact being the placement of each crystal. You will remain fully clothed.

It is working with a different kind of energy than with Omni, each crystal will have a different effect, some will feel stronger than others, depending on yourself and what areas you need to balance and heal.


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