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I bet for a lot of people, you are wondering

what on Earth is Omni?

Well, safe to say do not worry, you are not alone!
In fact, if I mentioned Reiki I imagine there
would still be a good handful of you who
wouldn't have the foggiest.

It would be wrong of me to mention Omni without Reiki,
as in fact, Omni in essence evolved from Reiki.


Ok, so what is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing technique where the practitioner channels energy through their hands to the client.

This is done completely clothed (shoes off) with either a light touch or just above the body in a series of positions.

So what is Omni?

Omni works in a similar way to Reiki in it's delivery, but works by delivering the energy at a much faster rate, it also works on developing and healing you on all levels, be it physical, mental, psychological, emotional, karmic, auric and spiritual. It works with universal energy like Reiki but also uses Earth energy.

I work by applying a light but firm touch at different points on the body and delivering energy to a number of points across the head and body, including your main chakra points (energy centres). 

The treatment itself averages around 40-60 minutes. 

It's completely safe with no negative side effects. Some people may find they will drift off to sleep during the process, you may find different colours or even images when you close your eyes, you may experience numerous sensations and experiences, or you may experience none.

It's important to know that what you need when you come for a session will be provided, and your session is not dictated by what you may or may not experience directly.


If you are unsure about something, please feel free to message me and I'll be happy to talk about it before hand.

Words will not do this wonderful healing process any justice, if you come in to have a session, know that you came here for the right reasons and you will leave a different person.



Session costs:

Omni healing 1 to 1 = £40 (1 hour approx.)

Omni distance healing = £30

To book a session click the button below.




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