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I offer different healing modalities and growth sessions. All of which aim at bringing you into alignment with yourself so you can grow to your highest and most truest potential.

The different sessions I offer include:


Pellowah Energy Healing

Omni Healing has been developed as a system by DR Sameer Kale. It comes through the Reiki lineage and is in many ways similar to Reiki, although Reiki focuses on Universal energy, Omni also brings in Earth energy.

For more info, prices and how to book, follow the link below.

Channeled Readings

Tarot Readings

I use the Tarot to connect with your energy, it is essentially a way into opening up those connections.
whilst connected I can work by bringing through the information you most need to move forwards from where you are. This is a process that we are both involved in, a space where you can feel safe to speak freely and where we can both intuitively move through the session.

In person, online or home visits.

When channeling I bring through different energies from a higher level of consciousness. I basically step aside to allow what needs to come through, this information can be deep on a soul level and it will allow you to open to the larger, and often more simpler, ways of allowing yourself to flow towards your Highest good.

For more information and how to book click the link below.

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