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Tarot Readings

These sessions are for you to shift your life into the next stage.

We often find we need a reading when we are at a crossroads, we feel there is something we need to work through or shift but we are not sure how.


The tarot readings I do are both Intuitive and interactive. I encourage us to work together to get the best possible result.


You may want to come with a series of questions, or perhaps want a general reading, trusting that what will come up will be what is needed most towards your growth.


Whatever you want know that the process will be revealing, but also practical, allowing you to step into the part of you that is ready to move forwards if you so choose.


Session costs:

Tarot reading 1 to 1 =
£35 - 30 minutes

£20 - 20 minutes

£10 - 10 minutes

Online and home visits available

To book a session click the button below.

or via my etsy shop



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